Monday, May 15, 2017


It's been a while since I've done an Instagram roundup, so to help keep them a little more regular on here I thought I would add in a monthly round up of my feed with all of the current links. 

I've gone on and on about this $20 gingham top, but it's been such a favorite lately! I mean, how can anyone say no to the bows in the back? You can see the full post here

 This was my Easter outfit after Tim said "we're leaving in 5" and I had to throw something together because of course, I didn't plan it out. What's funny to me about it is this skirt was in my very first #ootd on Instagram 5 years ago on Easter. What goes around comes around ;)  As for the top, I always get compliments and surprised faces when I tell people it's from Target!

A little shot from my office. I love mixing up these shelves with my latest favorite nick nacks. You can see more in my office tour post.

 These bow wedges were comfortable from the first wear and I know I'll be wearing them all season long. 

I rediscovered my love for the Loft this year and love this fun little off the shoulder number. Everyone else must have of too because it's sold out, but this one is pretty close for only $14! When I think an outfit is boring, I always go for these fun pink heels to add in some color. 

 This donut hat makes me so happy! I think it would be a simple DIY, but if you're not into investing in the paint and brushes and crafting isn't your thing this one is only $22! Plus, I have a coupon code for you to use all May long at Charming Charlie for $10 your $60 purchase- In store give them this:
 720000000003 Online use: UKTTWANF

I spotted this top in store and loved the fluttered sleeve and the structured off the shoulder design. I'm not a fan of off the shoulder tops that just have the elastic all the way around because they're not very comfortable. My clutch is a splurge from Clare V, but I've carried it as many times as the price tag so I think it's a staple. If you're looking for something more affordable ($45) then this leopard clutch will be right up your alley. Sam Edelman makes the most comfortable heels, I actually have these in two colors! Get these on sale here. 

This shot was from our trip to D.C where I walked off all of my calories for the year. So glad I brought along these Nikes with me!  My top is from J. Crew and sold out, but I found a $13 dupe for you here. Here are the sunglasses that I always wear on my head. 
Another mention of these Valentino dupes, but they have been such a hit and I technically shared them on April so there here again for this roundup! I have them in the color Poudre Matte. Size up a half size in them and you'll forget they're not the real deal (after the spray paint smell goes away the day after you open them ;) Here are my pink pants (40% off).

 Thus clutch was another purchase from Charming Charlie but I can't find it online. My top however is still available and is oh so cute. 

xo Amanda John

Monday, May 8, 2017

April Favorites and Fails


I've worn this top multiple times in April and always get compliments on it! Not surprising though, because it's gingham, peplum waist detail, and an epic bow back! Ever since my first purchase at this site, I've embarrassingly checked their new arrivals daily... you can't beat their prices and I think it's way better quality than Forever21. 

If you're like me and don't see yourself ever splurging of $900 shoes, look no further than these dupes because they're seriously the closest thing to them for a tenth of the price. People have been commenting on my Instagram and didn't realize they weren't the real deal! Sizing details: order a half size up, especially in the flats. Since they 8 wasn't available I ordered my regular 7.5 and it works in the heels because the back is open but I'm returning the flats because they're too small. 

I couldn't pick one because I've worn both of these all month and you can't beat the price at under $20! Also as a heads up, my favorite way to shop at Target is to order online and pick up in store. They find everything for you and you just go to the front and pick them up! It helps avoid those extra Target purchases you know you'll end up with, plus you know they'll have what you're going there for. 

I'm sure you've seen me wearing these a lot on my Instagram, and they'll continue to be worn all throughout the summer season because they're comfortable! I was able to walk to dinner in D.C in these, and let me tell you I'm the first to change my mind when leaving the house in heels because I'd rather be comfortable than have painful feet.

Now this is probably weird, but CC is actually a brand favorite for the month of April. I haven't shopped in a Charming Charlier in years because I always pictures cheap gaudy jewelry to be honest. I recently became a CC brand ambassador, meaning they send me a monthly package of items. I don't always love everything, but there's always something inside them I fall in love with. Because I was reintroduced to the brand, I started visiting my local store on the weekends and they have some really great and affordable finds. I purchased the bubble earrings, donut hat, and the seersucker bow back top pictured above this month #allthehearteyes // If you want to shop there I have an in-store coupon [720000000003 ] and an online coupon [UKTTWANF] good for $10 off your purchase of $60 until May31st.

April Purchases:


After years of this sitting in my collection, I finally found a brush to make it work with my skin tone and I have been loving it! It smells delicious and will last you forever because you just need a little bit for an overall glow.  P.S: This isn't a product you would want to contour with. 

Y'all, it's been years since I've tried a drugstore foundation, like potentially close to 10 years...say what? I read a few positive reviews on this foundation and one day I was in a spending mood at Ulta and decided to try it. The finish is very smooth on the skin and won't amplify pores or texture, but you probably will want to dust some powder over your skin to set it. I do have a few negatives about it but let me remind you it's only $12.99 minus the trusty $3 Ulta coupon. The product will leak into the lid some and I will occasionally get white areas when applying where the sunscreen is separating. I just take my finger and blend it in. Because there's only SPF 15, I would recommend to wear another sunscreen under. I'm not sure why they even have it in there to be honest. Another thing is the top can be a little leaky, especially after you shake it before applying.

This has been mentioned multiple times on my blog, but I can't stop repurchasing it! It's dry enough to not clump and weight down my lashes but still builds volume and length. It's magic when you apply the second coat! I prefer a little bit dryer mascara vs a very wet one because I will get it all over my lid and have to clean it up if it's a wet consistency. My Mom never splurges on high-end makeup, but she's been repurchasing this since I gifted it to her this time last year. 

L'Occitane Certified Organic Pure Shea Butter
This was a surprise favorite this month because when I went to Sephora shopping for a body butter this is what the associate recommended. At first, when I got home and tried to use it I was like w-t-f.  I've used coconut butter as a body moisturizer for years but this was a lot more dense, almost sticky in a way. She told me to get a scoop out and melt it in my hands before applying. I can't say I use this how I originally intended because I don't want to use that much of the products to moisturize my entire body, but for areas like my elbows, hands, knees, feet, and especially my lips this product is a game changer. I apply it to my lips every single night and haven't had an issue with dry lips since I purchased it. And I've tried everything from Bite to Dior to Carmex on them.

Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster
I purchased this before my wedding because I was looking for a product to give my skin a glow but not look self tanned. It's a product that builds color based on how many drops you use, so I just add two drops into to my regular moisturizer and after a few hours it will give you the most natural color on your skin. Only negative is the smell.

New Hair Cut
I recently had all of my layers cut out and although I lost 2+ inches in length my hair looks so much thicker! I've had layers for years, and they tend to just get more and more choppy. Not ideal for someone with fine hair like me. I will say it can take little more effort to blend in my extensions now, but my hair is just an inch or two shorter than them anyway. I'm also playing around with my curling technique. I originally cut layers into my hair to help my hair keep a curl better. #canthaveitall


I've already re-purchased this and I love it for quick brow color (aka every Monday-Friday). The brush is really small unlike others I've tried the the drugstore and it's a must for girls who can't leave the house without a little color in their brows, yay for being blonde!

Dior Overcurl Mascara
Already talked about above, but I did run and out repurchase this month

Beauty Favorites

No Fails to mention, go April!

This post is up a little late because Tim and I were in D.C during the first of the month. I plan to edit and upload a travel blog in the next week, yay!

xo Amanda John 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Gingham Bow Top

Today I'm wearing the cutest gingham top gifted from Shein. If you love a peplum, bow, or gingham, this top has it all! I've always been a little hesitant on ordering from Shein because the prices seem too good to be true, but their selection is great for those trendy pieces you don't want to invest in. They are feeding my closet with all my ruffle and bow needs right now! I recommend looking at the measurements and photos of other people wearing them and know you'll have to steam or iron them when they come in. I would also recommend paying the extra $2 for "insurance" the first few times you order to get an idea on their sizing. For my first purchase, I didn't read the measurements and ordered a size up because I was expecting everything to run small like sizes in H&M. That doesn't seem to be the case. 

For sizing reference, I'm usually a size 4-6 or small and I'm wearing a small top. Since this top is open in the back, you don't have to be too careful looking at those measurements, but I would recommend measuring your arms because that's the one area you may feel snug in if you order the wrong size. The top fits somewhat loose and boxy throughout the body, but the peplum detail keeps it flattering and feminine and I think the break up of gingham is a nice touch. 

Also, the middle bow aligns perfectly with my bra strap, so no worries there if you don't want to wear a tank underneath when it warms up for summer. 

And no, I didn't spend $2,000 for the popular Chloe Drew bag. This one a $30 dupe gifted from the same place! As a heads up, you just tie the metal chain in a knot to the handles. It took this blonde here a moment to figure that out :) Next on my list are these bow slippers, a dupe for a $70 BP version and a $200+ Kate Spade version!

shein gingham top, shein review, bow tops, Chloe drew dupe, bow wedges, strawberry chic
shein gingham top, shein review, bow tops, Chloe drew dupe, bow wedges, strawberry chic
shein gingham top, shein review, bow tops, Chloe drew dupe, bow wedges, strawberry chic
shein gingham top, shein review, bow tops, Chloe drew dupe, bow wedges, strawberry chic

xo Amanda John

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spring Neutrals

 I've been eyeing these bow wedges since last year in navy, and when I saw they came out in this blush neutral I knew I had to splurge! I wore them for the first time at a wedding last weekend and had no issues with my feet the entire night. The leather is so buttery soft! 

I haven't been in a Charming Charlie is a pretty long time. I didn't realize there was one right down the street from me, so when their PR started to send me a few new arrivals I wanted to check out the store and see what else they had. Y'all, I went crazy in there! So many cute and affordable things for Spring. This top is one of the items I bought. I love the neutral leopard print and of course the sleeves, do you see that little ruffle detail? I always thought of them as a jewelry store, but they have way more to offer as far as gifts, clothes, and decor. Be sure to follow me over on Instagram so you don't miss a gift card giveaway to Charming Charlie on Saturday. 

I finally shopped the Sugarfix + Target and I love the two necklaces I picked up (1 | 2).  I'm not surprised though, combining Bauble Bar with Target prices and it's a win-win. 

xo Amanda John 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wedding Shoes

how to make heels comfortable, wedding shoes, how to pick wedding shoes, how to make wedding shoes comfortable

I was never that little girl growing up dreaming about what my wedding would look like. Of course, I dreamed about who my husband would be, and no lie I thought about my wedding shoes. I always wanted to get a pair of designer shoes for the occasion. I mean after all, if you can't splurge on your wedding day then when can you?

For my birthday every year my Mom and I take a trip to Phipps Plaza and Lenox to shop the after Christmas sales. There are always a ton of designer shoes on sale, so with a wedding in mind, we browsed them all hoping to find a great deal on a designer pair I'd love to wear on my wedding. Most of the options we found were a little too high fashion for me (here's a visual... haha!). On our way out, I thought I'd make one last look in Jefferys, a store I've never been in.

A sparkly pair of shoes caught my eye, and even though they were in my wrong size section I decided to look at them anyway. Turns out, they were in my size and marked down 50%. Mom and I felt like it was a Cinderella moment, and I knew I found the perfect heel to walk down the aisle in. Although a part of me was scared for my little feet making it all day in them ;) I was so happy to find them with my Mom, because our favorite thing to do together is shoe shopping. We wear the same size and always share our closets.

I know no one else will see them on, but to me, it was totally worth the splurge.  I really wanted all the pretty shoe shots I constantly pin on Pinterest. I knew I wanted a shoe I could wear again on special occasions, so I didn't really want anything satin because it seems too formal for date night. It depends on your personal style, but I'm a girly girl at heart and will have no problem wearing a little sparkle on my feet with jeans!

The same birthday Tim gifted me these Keds to wear because he knew I wouldn't last in heels all night, and my wobble would have probably been subpar if I tried to stay in them and I couldn't have that! 😜.  Today I wanted to share a few quick tips I used to get a few extra miles in your wedding shoes so you can pick the shoes of your dreams and not worry about your feet.

5 Tips for Comfortable Wedding Shoes 

#1: Break them in 

Wear them around the house daily starting a few weeks before your wedding. I would put them on while vacuuming or cleaning around the house to gradually get my feet used to them. Like I needed an excuse to pull them out :) I wouldn't wear them outside because you want to keep them clean.

#2: If they feel snug in certain areas, wear them with socks 

I wanted to widen my shoes a bit because I was #blessed with a bunion, so I slipped on socks while I walked around the house in them. It worked like a charm after only a few wears!

#3: Add protection 

After wearing them around the house, you'll be able to notice certain spots that continue to hurt / blister / turn red. You can apply a little moleskin to these areas to add a barrier to these sensitive spots. Of course, if you have strappy shoes this will be more difficult to conceal, so if you don't want to get creative with your scissors you can also try a little deodorant to these areas so add a little barrier between the two. I'd also recommend adding in a sole cushion, but make sure your feet have enough room with all these new additions! Depending on your shoe you may want to wait until after the pretty pictures are taken before adding your protective layers.

I purchased these to protect my heels in the grass, but I didn't even make it out the door with them on because they kept popping off. At that point I was getting frustrated with a few things (you can watch my wedding day vlog here), so I remember throwing it somewhere and not using them :) I'm not sure if I didn't apply them the correct way or not, but they obviously were not helpful to me.

#4: Bring a backup 

 You do need to consider the hem length of your dress if you're going with this option, but I was changing into a shorter dress to dance in any way. I changed into my Keds for the garter toss to give them a little spotlight, then changed into my reception dress to get to dancing comfortably.

#5: Aspercream

 I didn't have to use it, but I did purchase and bring some in case my bridesmaids or I needed it that night. I've heard it's the same ingredients inside Sole Serum, and it's a fourth of the price on Amazon.

Wedding Shoe Inspiration 

You can check out my wedding Pinterest board here to see all of my inspiration. It was so fun pinning and dreaming up ideas when I was first engaged, but let that go once you get deep into planning or else you'll be changing your mind and adding too many last minute details to your plate. 
wedding shoe ideas, pretty wedding shoes, bow wedding shoes, affordable wedding shoes, comfortable wedding shoes
1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Designer Wedding Shoes

Affordable Wedding Shoes (Under $200)

Comfortable Wedding Shoes:

xo Amanda John


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Floral Lace One Shoulder Top

embroidered top, one shoulder top, loft outfit, pink accessories, strawberry chic
embroidered top, one shoulder top, loft outfit, pink accessories
embroidered top, one shoulder top, loft outfit, pink accessories, strawberry chic

Blue and White stripes are always popular during spring and summer. Add in a little one shoulder embroidered detail and this top is right on trend for the season. I added my favorite pop of color with these blocked sandals and cross body bag I found at the outlet. 

Unfortunately my top is currently low in stock (sizes L, XL, XXL are available) but I waited for them to restock when I purchased so I'm hoping they will again soon! I'll let you know over on Instagram as soon as it does.

This post was scheduled for yesterday, but I fell asleep about an hour after getting home. I think it's pollen season making me so sleepy! 

xo Amanda John 


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bow Tied Sweater

loft cold shoulder sweater, spring sweater, affordable cold shoulder sweater, strawberry chic, charming Charlie
loft cold shoulder sweater, spring sweater, affordable cold shoulder sweater, strawberry chic
loft cold shoulder sweater, spring sweater, affordable cold shoulder sweater, strawberry chicloft cold shoulder sweater, spring sweater, affordable cold shoulder sweater, strawberry chic
loft cold shoulder sweater, spring sweater, affordable cold shoulder sweater, strawberry chic
loft cold shoulder sweater, spring sweater, affordable cold shoulder sweater, strawberry chic
loft cold shoulder sweater, spring sweater, affordable cold shoulder sweater, strawberry chic

Sorry in advance for all of the Loft tops coming your way, but I've been loving all of their spring pieces! I haven't shopped there in a really long time, but now it's been my go-to for clothing because I can wear most of them to work as well (minus this one).

This bow-tied cold shoulder sweater is infused with silk, um yes please! And the best part? It's currently an extra 50% off and under $30, no code needed! I normally don't like v-neck tops, but the cut on this cold shoulder sweater is so flattering.You can adjust the ties if need be, so I think it will work on many different frames. It fits TTS. 

You probably recognize these Sam Edelman heels from last season, but they'll easily be a staple again this year. They're somehow really comfortable and I also own them in gold. I found these at the Saks Off Fifth outlet and always regretted not getting them in a more wearable color since they're so easy to wear. I took it as a sign I needed both :)

My rose gold sunglasses are super cheap from Charming Charlie (currently 2 for $15), along with these gold hoop earrings. They sent me a little spring gift box and these were my two favorite items that I can't stop wearing.  I also just picked up this strawberry print scarf from there. 

xo Amanda John