Saturday, November 11, 2017

Affordable Fall Haul

I haven't been too focused on shopping for clothes until the last week or so when the leaves and weather finally started to feel like fall weather in GA. But recently I started my fall shopping so I wanted to share with you what I picked up! I didn't want to wait until Monday to post this because things always sell out and I want y'all to take advantage of the current sales. I would love for you to subscribe to my new channel. I plan on making it a bigger focus for my upcoming content.

Shop everything I purchased in the widget below! Use code HAPPY for 40% off if you shop my Loft purchases. 

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Five Minute Work Makeup Routine

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I'm definitely that girl that lays in bed scrolling Instagram for too long and I like to enjoy my morning coffee on the couch. But, I'll rush to get ready and eat breakfast in the car. I can typically get ready for work in 30 minutes, even 15-ish minutes at times with my hair curled! I wanted to share my quick makeup routine to look presentable at work but not be late. If you're interested in seeing my full coverage makeup routine (think blog photos, fancy date nights, or weddings) then check out this video.

I start with the It Cosmetics CC cream. You can read my full and very honest review of it here. I recently switched to the fair shade and mix a little bit of light in it to get a better color match. I use this for work because it targets multiple needs: it doesn't require a primer, has skincare benefits, covers SPF, and offers great coverage. I use half a pump and just use my clean hands to apply it to my face.

Conceal under my eyes with the Naked Skin Concealer. This is a repurchase (x2) and I love the consistency of it. I don't really have super dark circles but I love to brighten under my eyes. Some concealers give me a clogged pore under my eye if they're too heavy or fragranced, and this one has passed the test. It's just thick enough to cover but doesn't look cakey.

I add a little definition back into my skin with this Chanel Bronze Universal along my cheek bones and hairline. I've had this thing for years, it will last you forever! I typically use this drugstore brush to get the most natural application.

I use the Benefit Gimme Brow (also here) for a quick fix to my super light blonde eyebrows. It gives you color and is very natural on it's own, so if you need defined and perfect brows to leave the house you'll need to use something else in addition to this! When I get ready for a weekend event or blog photos, I typically use this on top of the Anastasia Brow Wiz to get a more defined brow. You can watch my full-faced makeup routine in this video.

Instead of applying eyeshadow, I swipe MAC's painterly paint pot all over my lid to even it out. If I have the time I also apply this brightening stick to my inner corner and brow bone to wake up my face.

Line with this waterproof brown liner ($10!). I got this last year on my honeymoon after Delta forgot our luggage for a day and it's great for a quick line! My favorite liner is gel eyeliner because it coats the very base of my blonde eyelashes, but I typically don't have the time in the morning to get out the brush and apply it. Since I'm not wearing eyeshadow, I try to apply a thinner line to make my lashes pop more.

Two coats of my holy grail mascara. What's the point of only applying one?! I usually always have to clean up my mascara on my lids after with a q-tip. Which is a big reason I don't bother with eyeshadow most days.

Finish with a tinted chapstick or a one of these glosses. I usually don't add anything to my lips until I park at work because I normally eat in the car on the way there, ha!


  • Have the products laid out so you're not digging for what you want. I typically keep the mentioned products out on my desk during the week and put them away on the weekend.
  • Once you get a routine down, it will get quicker! Save the beauty trials and new products for the weekend in case you're not a fan.
  • Use palettes to save time between opening new blushes and eyeshadow colors
  • Keep touch up items in your bag. I don't start with powder in the morning, but I always keep some in my bag along with a lipgloss or two to touch up after work. 

Then I typically run this curling iron through my hair (20% off!), get dressed, and grab a bar as I head out the door. What does your morning routine look like?

If you're a Sephora VIB, you can shop these products for 20% off from November 10-15th with code 20FORVIB

If you're a beauty insider, you can get 15% off from November 10-15th with code INSIDERS15 (if you're not already you can sign up here). 

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

October Favorites

It's been too long since I did a proper favorites post. I've been sharing them on Instagram stories or Instagram posts but haven't on the blog in a few months. Ironically, they're one of my favorite posts to do because I get to share everything I'm currently loving with y'all and hope they make it into your loves, too!


I deal with hormonal breakouts every month along my lower cheek area. I've been using this Mario Badescu Drying Lotion at night when I have a new spot come up and by the next morning it's not exploding on my face like it normally would (too visual?). If I can't resist picking my face (which is never), I also love using this alcohol-free aloe toner as a compress afterward to calm it down. It works!

This lavender cuticle oil was in my fall Fab Fit Fun box and I've used it every night since! It's a lot easier than applying a balm I used previously and doesn't make your hands sticky. Plus, the lavender scent is perfect before bedtime.


A few lip products I've been loving and apparently y'all have been too because I've had a lot of questions on my Instagram stories about the color every time I wear it! I received the lip crayon product in my FabFitFun box.  For real, if you haven't signed up for that yet you need to try it! Read my FabFitFun review here if you're still wondering about it. And no, I'm not sponsored by them. Back to the lip products... I've been lining my lips with this product then dabbing this MAC lipstick in Velvet Teddy on my lips and it's gorgeous for fall. I received this Pixi Lipscrub in a PR package and it has replaced my previously favorite elf lip scrub. It's less harsh but still gets the job done. It's also very moisturizing. I typically use it as a first step when putting on my makeup so it has time to soak in a bit before I finish with lip products (if I even apply any that day).


I recently switched up my hair products to Meraki and have had amazing results. My friend Emily created her own vegan and cruelty-free hair product line after clients would ask for her recommendations yet she didn't really have products she 100% loved.  So she just #girlbossed it up (yep, I'm making that a verb) and created her own product line. My absolute favorite product is this Vitamin Mist because it's an all-in-one pre-styling product that doesn't make my fine hair greasy or weighed down. It helps with hair growth (with vitamin D&E), strengthens and protects against breakage, and protects against heat damage. My flyaways have diminished since I started using it! I've also been loving the volumizing shampoo and conditioner and the first thing I noticed was I didn't have to use dry shampoo until the third day! It's even Tim approved. He said it makes his hair less frizzy and I definitely second that!

I've been focusing on home decor the last few months and haven't been inspired by fashion until the last week or so. That's because it's still been blazing hot in GA (until now).
I purchased this blanket scarf during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and finally wore it as a poncho for the first time. I fell in love with the color and pattern and it reminds me of an old school COACH print from when I worked there in college. 

I wore this dress for our anniversary photos and it was the favorite out of all of the dresses I ordered AND it was the most affordable option. I ordered at least 7 different dresses because I'm #indesisive. You will need to get a hook put in the top to contain the girls.  
I've been loving the Sugarfix line at Target since it launched because it's affordable and on trend. I always pick up a new piece when I'm shopping at Target. This necklace is the latest piece I picked up!

We finally found an ottoman to serve as our coffee table and it makes our living room feel so homey! Here is an update on the tray situation since the last home decor update. I shared where I get all of my decor coffee table books in this post!

We hosted our first party ever for my coworkers to warm our house and it went smoothly! I'm not sure how I didn't rush to get ready or burn anything ;) Although I didn't have time to shoot any photos other than the bar cart because by the time the food was set up guest started to arrive. We are hosting another one for family and friends very soon so now that one is under my belt I hope to shoot more pictures of the next one!

My favorite post of the month was definitely our one-year anniversary shoot. We had so much fun re-visiting our wedding venue and celebrating all that we learned and have grown together in the last year.

H A P P Y  H A L L O W E E N! I tried to talk Tim into being a blogger so I could be an Instagram husband, but he wasn't too thrilled with the idea of wearing my weave and willingly letting me post a picture of him ;) What are you dressing up as?

Read My Older Monthly Favorites Here

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Monday, October 23, 2017

House Decor Update

I've been putting off sharing this but I've finally accepted that decorating a house is a never ending process. When Tim and I moved in together last fall, we had a hand-me-down dining room table and couches, and that's it! Our first purchase together was a new mattress, which is still sitting on top of the box spring on the floor. We wanted to focus on furnishing the main level before addressing that situation. You can watch our empty house tour here to see a tour of the whole house the day we moved in.
strawberry chic house tour, easy front door decor, fall decor

Lets just say that now every time I go to open the front door I have to knock or shake the door before opening all the way after a bird flew into our house last week. It made itself nice and cozy in our fall wreath and nearly hit me in the face flying into our house. Of course it's funny now...

The first thing I purchased before moving into our house was a white couch cover to cover up the brown "couch potato" as I called it. We eventually plan on upgrading our couch to something with deeper seating, but for now I've accepted my weekend routine of re-tucking the couch cover. The day I took these photos, I found these magnolia home pillows at HomeGoods for half the price (hence the tags still attached). I wasn't sure if they would stay here or go to our guest room, but I love how they tie in the counter stools and ottoman. I previously had some gray pillows on there which were more comfortable, but they looked too sterile to me. I have a feeling pillows are going to be a revolving door in our house!

I was lucky to find our counter stools at the Ballard Designs Outlet for 50% off. I was originally thinking we would get the farmhouse styled X crossed chairs for the space, but I decided against them because they weren't comfortable. I love the touch of color these chairs give our home, which match our kitchen aid and a frame in the back.

For the first month, our TV sat on top of the now gold bar table in the dining room. The tv cords were EVERYWHERE! My Mom and Dad gifted us a media center (similar), it just took me quite a while to find one. This media center was actually a piece I found at Home Goods a month before closing on the house but I didn't get it since I didn't know measurements for the room. I regretted passing it up because finding one that wasn't too chunky and dark was quite the task. Luckily I ran into the same piece at another Home Goods the next month after moving in! All of the decor inside of it is also from Home Goods or TJ Maxx. I linked some of the exact items that are available online at the bottom of the post.  I also got our area rug at Home Goods, but found it online for y'all if you're in the market for one. I try to go to HomeGoods weekly, so it's where I get most of the pieces for our home!

The painting above our fireplace is a piece my grandmother, Ann Jackson, painted before she passed. She and my grandfather lived on Tybee Island (and for 12 years on a sailboat in the Bahamas!) so her artwork reflects the southern coastal area. The other coastal painting by the door in our dining room was painted by my aunt, Victoria Jackson, who still paints today. All of the artwork in our home comes from my family's art gallery in historic Roswell, Ann Jackson Gallery.  I'm going to attempt to paint next month with my Aunt...I would love to learn and see what I can do!

The gray chest with the two lamps is a very old piece from a few generations in my family. There's a long story that goes along with it, but it once belonged to a family that went down in the Titanic. I remember as a little girl I dreamed of having this piece "from the Titanic" in my home one day, lol. I recovered the green top with marble contact paper. If I could find it on my phone I would link to a video of me being stubborn and doing it myself, but it was definitely a two person job. It took me an hour if not longer, required some near splits with my foot sliding on a book, and accepting the bubbles that I couldn't get out. The bubbles have now settled after using a blow dryer, and I'm happy with how it turned out! The lamps were a recent affordable find, and I'm waiting for the perfect tall vertical piece to fit between them. I'm torn on doing a mirror or an abstract, but I guess it will be whichever I fall in love with first. 
The entry table was a really affordable piece from Hobby Lobby. I'm not done decorating it yet, but I don't mind the minimalistic look. The painting above the table is a Dr. Seuss from Ann Jackson Gallery. I think it sums up my personality really well, it says "I'd love to go to the party but I'm absolutely dead."

My most recent purchase for our living room is the ottoman, which I can't believe I scored at the Ballard outlet. I was the third person on the wait list (and not the last). I'm convinced they rang it up wrong over the phone because it was over 70% off the price tag and I couldn't find anything wrong with it! I purchased a new coffee table book for the bottom and I'm looking for a round tray to go on top. I'd love to find one with a herringbone print if y'all know of one! The sea colored blanket is also from the outlet. I wanted to carry over the mineral counter stools since the space is so open.

I'm looking for a large painting to go on the back wall of our dining room. I may eventually switch out the bar for a buffet table to help with storage, but for now our kitchen has more than enough storage for us. Our dining room table was actually my parents' first table when they got married, it's technically a card game table, lol! I found the chairs at HomeGoods when looking for seating for our sweetheart table at our wedding. I went to SIX HomeGoods to find 4 of them #brideonamission

Our old bar cart was in the dining room, but it was too small for the space so it now sits behind the couch for an extra place to sit a drink. I used this gold console table to fill out the back wall a little bit more, and I love how clean it looks! You can read how to style a bar cart to see all the items included on this table. 

I plan to change this little corner to the garage entry soon, but for now, the painting is doing a good job at hiding awkward screws in the wall from the previous owner. I found this organizer at HomeGoods which fit perfectly in the small space, and it's a catch-all for our mail and magazines. I'm planning on adding a small mirror right here for quick touch ups before heading out the door. 

Some of my pending plans for the main level of our home:
 Maybe I'll cross them out when I get to them!

We still need some patio furniture and I think I found the set. I'm just waiting on a few other pieces for the inside or a really good sale to purchase it.

I want to get a small bench for the left of the front door and hang a few pictures above it

Print and add some of these pictures up our staircase

Re-paint and add character to our powder bathroom. I would love to shiplap it, but I'm concerned about the resale value / damage to the walls. Do you have any experience with it??

Add a large painting to go along the back dining room wall.

Add paneling to the kitchen island to give it some character.

As for the upstairs, it is still pretty much a hot mess, other than the dresser we recently obtained from a  fellow blogger friend. We want to re-paint all of the rooms up there. I will definitely take some before and after photos and share updates as I go.

I linked what I could in the widget below! 


Thanks for reading,
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Friday, October 13, 2017

One Year

marriage anniversary, couple photography, first wedding anniversary photoshoot

Day-to-day can move slow but reflecting on an entire year will put into perspective how fast life can go by. I can't believe Tim and I are already celebrating one year of marriage tomorrow. Most people say the first year is the hardest, but to be honest it's sailed so smoothly for us both.

This year we both intended on traveling for our anniversary; however, with adjusting to home ownership we both wanted to focus on making our house feel like a home. We are homebodies at heart. I wanted to have some pictures to add to our staircase and suddenly my vision to celebrate our one year with an anniversary photo shoot with the talented Shelby Rae Photographs came to light. 

We didn't do professional engagement photos, so other than wedding photos we didn't have anything to place throughout our home. Returning to our wedding venue, Little River Farms, for the occasion would be the perfect setting to reflect on our first year of marriage together. 

I went to a wholesale florist and purchased pretty blooms and created my first DIY bouquet. Let's look past the fact that it's held together with a rubber band! I decorated our cake topper and set the table with pieces from our wedding and our favorite wine. I also wasn't complaining we got to bite into our wedding cake a week early ;) I packed my memory box from our wedding in case we wanted to use anything at the shoot. We ended up re-reading our vows to each other and it was such a sweet moment, not to mention way less intimidating the second time around without the crowd ;)

Picking out the dress wasn't an easy task (I may have ordered 6 or 7 total) but the accessories were a no-brainer. Like I needed persuading to slide on my sparkly wedding shoes again! Although you may notice I switched into another pair once we ventured off the property for more natural backdrops.

Here are some of the highlights from our shoot.

cake topper ideas, wedding anniversary celebration

little river farms photoshoot

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I took today off so Tim and I can celebrate a day early and venture up to the North GA mountains to visit a pumpkin patch and take in the fall mountains. Follow me over on Instagram stories to see what we're up to!

xo Amanda John


Monday, October 9, 2017

Affordable Fall Dress

fall blogger style, loft dress, loft sale favorites, affordable fall dresses

fall blogger style, loft dress, loft sale favorites, affordable fall dresses

fall blogger style, loft dress, loft sale favorites, affordable fall dresses 
I've only had this dress for two weeks now and I've already worn it twice on the weekends! It's one of those pieces you can just throw on and look cute but be comfortable wearing it all day. Both times I've worn it I was out shopping and running errands for almost the entire day and switched from flats to boots and wore it out to dinner. I'm not sure if you can tell in these photos but I got a ton of questions on Instagram stories about my lip color so I'm also linking it below (shade is velvet teddy!). I think it's perfect for fall, and I just dap it onto my lips verse swiping for a more natural color.

The fit is slightly oversized but if you don't like a boxier fit I think it would be cute belted to give you more shape. I'm wearing a small petite and if you click on petite it's available in all sizes. I'm also wearing boots from last years NSALE but no worries, I found them available and at an even better price!

I'm linking some of my favorite Loft finds in the widget below. All items are 40% off BUT sale items are an additional 60% until 10/10!

This week is going to be a busy one. It's my Mom's birthday and our first wedding anniversary. I can't wait to share a special post with y'all on Friday!

xo Amanda John