Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Spotted on Main

| Top | Bag | Heels | Bracelet (love this one too!)

Date night on Main Street Woodstock is always a good time (after you find parking that is).  I always gravitate towards spots/dots and this top from the Kate Spade Outlet was no exception. I paired it with a pair of black scalloped shorts then wore these edgy heels to make a statement. I'm not gonna lie.. I changed into sandals to walk around after dinner. My feet have a pretty small window when it comes to these bad boys. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Summer Beauty Favorites

favorite beauty products for summer, summer makeup tricks
Hi Friends! I always notice a few changes in my beauty routine throughout the summer, so today I'm sharing my tips and current favorites to keep you fresh faced in the summer heat. A good beauty routine starts with a solid skincare routine, so you can read all about mine here to get you started!

First things first is finding a good sunscreen. As a fair strawberry blonde, I have been on the search for a sunscreen that doesn't make you feel sticky/greasy/hair sprayed, or all of the above. I splurged on Coola sunscreen at Ulta after discovering some beauty rewards in my account and I'm happy to report that this smells like a pina colada and leaves your skin feeling moisturized but not greasy at all! In order to save the product, I do use regular lotion sunscreen from the drugstore when I go to the beach/pool because I'll be gross by the end of the day anyway. 
During the summer less is definitely more in my opinion. I tend to reach for tinted lip balms like this one from Anthropologie or my favorite lipgloss in white russian to give my lips a moisturizing finish. Another lip product that I love but ran out of is Fresh tinted lip balm and it also has spf! 
Some days I just wear a little concealer under my eyes to brighten up my face. This bottle has lasted me months and I like the consistency better than others I've used in the past. It's pigmented, but not as thick and creamy so I don't get lines under my eyes throughout the day. I don't really have dark circles to conceal, so I pick a color one shade lighter than my skin tone to brighten up my eyes. 
Up until recently I rarely wore eye shadow except for a light sparkly shade on my lid; however, lately I've been loving a bronzy eye to go along with my faux tan and glowing skin ;) My favorite look is either applying half baked from the Naked 1 palette or a discontinued MAC pigment in Jardin Aires I picked up from my local Cosmetic Company Outlet. I think the pigment is a little more flattering for my skin tone, but it's quicker to just use the palette so I've been using both all summer. I use a mix of the darker shades for eyeliner and blend the light matte shade in naked along my crease.

Neulash isn't necessarily a summer beauty product, but ever since I purchased it in February I've been loving it because it actually does work! If you look back on some of my first posts you'll see it on a wish list, but it wasn't until this year when I decided to try it for the wedding. You'll see thicker, fluttery lashes after using it consistently at night for about a month. My mom, friends, and even girls at Sephora have commented on my lashes since using it! I plan to do a full post on it with before/after pictures for those who are interested. My current favorite mascara is this one. I'm a big fan of curling formulas because mine are stick straight and I think they look longer when they're curled.
I've used self tanning products ever since I discovered Jergens Natural Glow in high school. My current favorite is this one from Loving Tan because it last longer than others I've tried from Sephora. I use the 2 hour express formula in the shade medium because I'd much rather only need two hours for it to develop instead of sleeping in it over night. I always search for a coupon code to get a freebie along with my order. If you're interested in a full post on my self tanning routine just let me know!
I've repurchased this CC cream three times now (obsessed!) although this time I mixed it up and tried the illumination formula for summertime. I love the finish it gives, but I would recommend to keep a powder in your purse in case you get oily after a few hours. After using this product for a while, I think it's best when applied with my fingers and you definitely can get away with half a pump to cover your whole face. This highlighter isn't for you if you're looking for a subtle glow, but during the summer or for pictures I love it! I also apply it to the inner corner of my eyes to brighten them up. 
I'll be completely honest about this last product, but I probably won't repurchase this deodorant. It's not because I don't love the fresh/powdery scent (Tim has even commented that I smell good when I wear it), but because it doesn't have the staying power that my cheaper drugstore deodorant does (secret clinical strength). 


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Haul and Styled Looks

Nsale, nordstrom haul, fall fashion
I've done a post on what I ordered from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but today I wanted to style them for you and let y'all know what's going back and what you can still grab on sale before they go up to full price August 8th!
Top . Jeans . Boots 

My favorite purchase from the sale would definitely be these boots, which is funny because when I shopped online and in store the first time I looked right past them. I went to the store a second time with Tim and wanted to try on some over the knee boots, because they look so cute on everyone. I also decided to try on this pair because the color caught my eye. They're a great mix between a taupe and gray so you can wear them with blacks or browns (but who says you can't mix them anyway... not me!). 

I tried the above pair on first and fell in love with how comfortable they were, but I still wanted to give the over the knee boots a try. I don't know why but I always feel like I look like a pirate when I wear them, so they were a no-go and these came home with me.  I always get a half size up in boots to wear thicker socks and to just make it easier to slip them off and on..although I still have Tim pull them off for me when he's around ;)
Scarf . Top . Jeans . Shoes (limited sizes in this color at the moment)

I ordered last years version of this tunic because I wanted more length in the front (both are the same price on sale). This scarf also wasn't apart of the NSale, but it's been sitting in my cart for months so I decided to send it my way. I like the length of it because you can wear it around your neck without having to do anything fancy with it (see picture below).
Tim gifted me this watch when we celebrated our one year dating anniversary, and I wear it just as much now as I did two years ago. I love how simple the face is, as well as how flat and light weight it is against my wrist. This one in the sale is very similar, but has a touch of rose gold! Also, this leopard scarf was sent to me in error so I styled it here and sent it back to Nordstrom because I already have one just like it!
Now for these flats and this cardigan.. I think they're the two purchases I'm returning. First, the shoes.. I've been loving the lace up flat trend, however the pointed toe just isn't for me. I feel like my feet look huge with them on, just me?? I will say they looked cuter after pairing them with full looks verse when I first tried them on in workout clothes. They aren't as high maintenance to get in and out of as I expected. 

As for the sweater, I thought this whole time I was going to exchange it for an XS, but when I checked again it turns out this is an xs! It definitely runs large, and I'm still torn on keeping it because I like the color but I'm not sure it's doing it for me other than that. 
Top . Jeans . Shoes . Scarf 

Of course... I do like the way the shoes look here #indecisive. This tunic was in the sale last year and I wanted to get one because it's not chiffon like most of the tunics I own. It definitely runs large, so if you're between sizes order down. I'll probably exchange it for an XS and it will still be a little oversized like I like them to be.
Top (LuLuLemon) . Pants (currently sold out, they will restock!) . Shoes . Bottle . Headphones

I purchased a regular black pair of leggings because you can never have enough, along with this pair of fun tights that I love way more than I expected to. Usually I don't care for patterned tights once I try them on, but these are somehow just as flattering as the black pair and I love the colors! You can size down in the zella leggings if you want a little more "suck it in" action from them.