Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The best planners for 2017

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I get way too excited to pick out a new planner each year. I'm still on the school year schedule for a new planner, meaning I have to wait until August, but if you're on the New Year schedule these are the cutest best planners that I've used and come across! To me, they serve as little journals of your year, so I hold onto mine after they're used up. 

 I previously used the Kate Spade planner in 2015 and I still use it for decor on my desk. I've also used the Ban.do "I'm really Busy" planner in 2016. I've learned that I do prefer spiral planners over bounded because they're easier for me to write in, but that's all personal preference.  If you plan to tote your planner around, make sure to invest in a planner with a quality spiral and protected edges to help it last through the year. 

 Over the summer, I picked up this planner from Day Designer for Target that I've really been loving since starting work because it's big enough to schedule every half hour, perfect for my patient schedule for the day. Don't worry I don't break HIPPA and use initials only! For those of you who don't know, I'm a physical therapist, so my planner helps me keep up with units, patients, and unfinished notes for the day.  I really love the layout of my Day Designer for Target planner because of the to-do lists, note section, and today's top three.

I recently picked up this little planner in the spotted print from Sugar Paper when I was at Target because I wanted a pocket planner to have on me for appointments and blogging. Although I love how big and useful my daily planner is, I can't lug it around everywhere with me like I would like to. I'm hoping this one can serve the in-between purpose when I don't have the other one on me. That was my excuse, anyway!

I've heard a lot about The Simplified Planner and The Day Designer planners, but I haven't tried either of them out just yet. That's probably because of the price if I'm being honest! Their covers are gorgeous, and I do like the durable spirals and gold edge covers, but as long as Target comes out with cute planners that get the job done I probably won't splurge on one.

So far, I've been mixing up my planner each year. Do you tend to stick to one brand or do you like to try them all? If you missed me in 2016 you can catch up with my favorites from the year in my 2016 Year in Review. 

xo Amanda John

Friday, December 23, 2016

Flattering Midi Skirt for the Holidays

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gold midi skirt, target skirt, affordable holiday outfit
kate spade bow heels, kate spade heels, bow heels
kate spade heels, bow heels, spotted heels, kate spade bow heels
When I saw this skirt at Target, I knew I had to snatch it up for upcoming holiday gatherings! This is actually the first midi skirt I purchased because the fit is so flattering on in comparison to other poofier versions I've tried in the past! I would say the skirt fits true to size. Normally I size down in high waisted skirts, but my regular pants size was more comfortable! Also, how did I just realize this month that Target has online ordering + store pickup? It helps me avoid mindless Target purchases we're all so guilty of! So check to see if your store has this in stock to pick it up before Sunday!

So the unfortunate news... My shoes were a Nordstrom Rack find earlier this year and I could only find them linked on Poshmark used 😢 They're the Kate Spade Peggy Heels if you're wanting those. My bow coat was a Christmas gift last year from the Kate Spade outlet, but I was just in there last week and they had multiple options of bow coats so call your local Kate Spade outlet or shop this version or this with bow pockets online! 

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! This is the first year I'm not waking up in my parents home, so although it will be different I'm looking forward to celebrating more of the moments with Tim. We were majorly slacking in the holiday decor department until his sister and mother came over and decorated our place while we were at work! It was the sweetest surprise to come home to, plus we finally have internet after almost four months of waiting!

xo Amanda John

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Neon Beanie under $8

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This beanie was definitely worth the line at Forever21 on a Saturday. It's neon pink and under $8, how could I put it down?! Although it's normally a sign that I've run out of dry shampoo, I've been reaching for a lot of hats and beanies lately, even with clean as can be hair! Without it, I think this outfit would be pretty boring, don't you think? In person, it's definitely more vibrant pink/coral than here in the pictures because I love my exposure 😜

Along with my affordable beanie, this sweater is quite the steal too at under $30. I've started to see more cut out shoulders around, so I think if it's not as big this season it will be even more popular next year. I also styled another cute Target sweater in this post

Tim and I have our hopes up to finally get set up with internet tomorrow. It's been a long 3 to 4 months (and a lot of data) without it! I know it's a first world problem to have, but we're both looking at it as our best Christmas gift after being told multiple times that so and so still needs to do this and that (we're in a new construction). 

xo Amanda John

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

$27 Sweater from Nordstrom

sweaters under $50, Nordstrom sweaters, Strawberry Chic Blog
sweaters under $50, Nordstrom sweaters, Strawberry Chic Blog
This sweater was purchased the same day I bought this dress, and I loved how long it was because I
pictured it being so cute and comfy with leggings! I think fit wise it's supposed to be a bit slouchy, so I bought my normal size but think you can get away with sizing down, too. This color can somewhat change colors depending on the lighting, but online they call it mocha. I've also seen it have a purple tint and a grayer tint at times! After I saw Emily Gemma style it in her post yesterday I'm thinking about getting the black version, too! 

You will probably get sick of me wearing these distressed jeans, but they are the absolute comfiest pair I own. I can't believe they're under $70! I do want to mention the distress on the knee actually has a layer of denim underneath, so if you like the look of skin showing through your distress this isn't the pair for you. I, however, love the idea because I tend to rip open the holes at my knee with my feet as I slip them on. This will prevent that and be warmer during these net few months!

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Boots with the Fur

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Affordable Nordstrom Dresses, Fall Fur vest, affordable fur vest
Tory Burch riding boots, tory burch boots, Tory burch boots on sale
This bodycon dress from Leith was a little out of my comfort zone because it shows all my curves, but since Tim was a fan I put my hand on my hip and smiled for the camera 😜

I found it on the sale rack in Nordstrom, so it was one of those "I better buy it now and decide later" type of purchases. When I got home, I realized how versatile it would be because the sleeves are tight enough to easily slip under sweaters and I can always layer a fur vest over it when I'm worried I'm "doing the most" in the booty department, haha!

Another mention is these Tory Burch boots. They were originally a purchase for my Mom during the Black Friday sale; however, they were way too tall for her 5ft frame so we traded boots instead :) They're still on sale and available in all sizes as of this morning! 

The weekend was cold and rainy so I couldn't shoot the holidays looks I had been planning for you guys :( The time change doesn't favor fashion bloggers who work full time, that's for sure! 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Wedding Video #JourneytoJohn

So excited to share our wedding video today! If you're interested in our pictures, vendors, or products in the film, please refer to this post. I hope you enjoy! 

Thursday, December 15, 2016


I realized it's been forever since I've done an Instagram round-up, so forgive me if this post is forever long!

I was too excited the day I could finally wear this J. Crew pink coat I purchased back in September! I knew the color would sell out (which unfortunately happened), but there are ton's of cute pink coats to go around! 

This post shows my outfit for Thanksgiving along with a giveaway with Jord Wood Watches where everyone wins a gift card toward their purchase! The giveaway ends December 18th and they're guaranteeing delivery for Christmas is your order by the 20th. I love idea of engraving the watch or box as an extra special gift!

Unfortunately, this little cutie was returned because I purchased it hoping it would replace my everyday blow dryer because it was way cuter and cheaper than GHD blow dryer I just purchased during the VIB sale. It's definitely more of a compact/ travel blow dryer (like it says it is!) so unless you have very thin short hair I don't expect it to replace your everyday dryer! It would be great if you're a frequent traveler though and I'm jealous of your lifestyle! ;)

I made this sweatshirt 5 or 6 years ago  and I've worn it every holiday since for tacky sweater parties because I always end up attending one with a different group each year! It says "Happy birthday sweet little 8lb 6 oz baby Jesus" from Talladega Nights and the back says: "Go Jesus, it's your birthday"

I dressed it up with this affordable skirt and (similar) red bow heels

full post + Youtube video:  My Wedding Accessories 

These affordable blush heels were featured on the Target Awesome Shop

similar bag here and here . similar top here . jeans . hat . rug 

vase . perfume . book . pumpkin . Best Day Ever bag from The Bride Box . Ring Box: The Mrs Box

While we were on out honeymoon my mom painted her old jewelry check in chalk paint and polished off the knobs for me and I'm in love with how it turned out! It's been the perfect addition to this little wall space in my office, and I love switching up the top decor. 

similar dress (mines old from Old Navy) . similar hat . similar bag 

full post: Sequin and Velvet Holiday Pants

Thanks so much for reading! I'd love to hear any request for upcoming posts in the New Year.