Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Cozy Blanket Scarf

blanket scarf, strawberry chic, fall fashion
I''m someone who is always cold... If I could bring a blanket with me everywhere I go without looking ridiculous I probably would. The next best thing? Blanket scarves. As soon as Tim and I got to the movies, I got to cuddle up in this cozy blanket scarf from Aerie (c/o). It's currently on sale for under $18 and would make an awesome gift for a friend. There are so many ways to style a blanket scarf, but my favorite is to just wrap and tuck. This one wasn't the typical square shape, so I didn't have to fold it into a triangle before wrapping it around (you can leave the ends out or tuck them!). Another easy way to style them is to go with the poncho trend I've seen around lately-  just drop it flat across your back and bring the ends towards the front (for a visual look at the right image in the widget below). 
What's your favorite way to style a blanket scarf?

Monday, December 14, 2015

Styling Faux Fur

chicwish faux fur, strawberry chic, winter fashion, faux fur, affordable fashion lookschicwish faux fur, strawberry chic, winter fashion, faux fur, affordable fashion looks

I can get claustrophobic in sweaters or other heavy winter tops..I've avoided turtle necks my whole life. So to stay warm this time of year I love to layer vests over lighter tops/dresses. Faux fur is one of the easiest way to spice up your look in the colder months. The good ones can cost a pretty penny, but this one looks like it costs more than $42! The stripes give the outfit more eye candy, but if you're not a fan I've linked a bunch of cute options below! 

Now that my clinical rotation is over I have four weeks to focus on bringing you blog content. I was pretty lazy on here adjusting to the real world, but expect more of me the next few weeks ;) If you're looking for gift ideas, I updated all my shop widgets and added a gift guide tab. xo