Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Battling Humidity: My Summer Hair Routine

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When I moved to Savannah for school my hair routine as I knew it was abruptly put in it's place. Actually, I didn't even consider myself having a "hair routine" because it just consisted of whatever shampoo/conditioner I picked up at CVS and this hairspray I've been using for years. 

Down here, the humidity is on a whole. new. level. I've grown up in the South and have always been accustomed to a little frizziness, even welcomed the extra "volume" at times! Now without some extra help, my  curls will flatten and frizz out by the time I make it to my car. Not cute. 

I have been a fan of Living Proof since I discovered them at Ulta over Christmas break. The obsession started with a sample of the PHD (Perfect Hair Day) shampoo. I'm someone who really doesn't notice subtle differences in a change in my beauty routine, so I was shocked that I could see a little somethin-somethin with my hairstyle after the first wash. My curls were bouncier, brighter, and softer than the day before and since then I've been hooked. 

Flash forward to now and I'm currently using the No Frizz line from Living Proof, perfect for the EVEN MORE HUMID summer ahead. I start out by using the shampoo and conditioner, then follow up with this moisturizing balm throughout my hair but focusing on the ends. They recommend to blow-dry for the best results, but the majority of the time I let it air dry if I'm using hot tools to save it from the extra heat. If I do decide to blow dry it (basically, when I'm rushing out the door), I'll wear it straight and use a few velcro rollers at my crown for added volume.

After I style it, I finish my look with this *shining star* of the collection. I've never seen or used anything like it before. It offers UV protection and static control (both aggravators of frizz), so this product will also be a staple in the winter months when static season is in full force. Humidity Shield can be used as a heat protectant before using hot tools, and to tames those annoying fly-aways while you're styling! When I'm done I use it again after hairspray for additional protection from humidity (the more protection, the better, right?). I know what you're thinking, did all this product weigh down my style?! My hair has very fine texture (basically the same as baby hair), so I was shocked this didn't weigh it down OR cause any greasiness, #miracle!

Here's a quick snap of my second day hair in the sun for added "Proof" (pun intended).
My necklace is from Carolina Clover (c/o), and this top is linked in my last post!

You can learn more about the line here, and shop the products in the widget below!

Side note: I've having major "change it up" thoughts in my head for my next hair appointment on Thursday. I'm not sure if I can really commit just yet... my hair has taken YEARS to grow out.  I'm not talking anything crazy, but I've been loving the wavy medium length hair I've been seeing everywhere... opinions are welcomed! 


 No Frizz sample products were sent as a gift from Living Proof, but I have and continue to be a big fan of Living Proof products prior to this collaboration! 

This in no way reflects in my opinion for this review. 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Citron Pop

Bria Cross Body - Also spotted over the weekend in Francescas
** (Use code INSTA20 for 20% off your purchase) **
 Top: Loft Factory (almost exact, similar) / Jeans / Shoes / 
Necklace / Kendra Scott Bracelet via Rocksbox (code strawberrychicxoxo for your first month free)

 If you've been following along on Instagram then you've seen this cross body bag from Violet Ray in almost every #ootd post during June, it's that versatile! During summer my philosophy is the more color the better, and this bag definitely fits the bill. My go-to combination right now is this bright citron with turquoise. I would love to pair this bag with these beauties! It also comes in coral and black if that's more your thing. To take it from day to night I knotted the gold chain into a bow for some extra MMPH! (see the look on Instagram here). 

What's your favorite way to add color to your wardrobe?

Friday, June 26, 2015


Time for a little Instagram update to answer any questions about where things are from! Minus tonights' PT Pub night, a monthly gathering we use to network and hangout with fellow classmates/faculty/local PT's... I have absolutely nothing planned (except catching up on some blog posts and comments) and I can't wait! Now for the good stuff..

 I fell in love with this dress on the sale rack, but it was so large that I had to pass. However now I'm having regrets because I probably could have had it taken in! BTW in this picture I'm pulling most of the dress to the back. The price in store was only 29.99...However online the price changed in the process of posting this.. so I would consider looking in store first! My monogram necklace is very affordable if you're looking for one. I love the lace/scallop detail to make it extra special! 

I'm sad this candle is gone...it smelt like sweet springtime with a fresh peony scent. Now I get to use the gorgeous gold tray as decor to store something... I just don't know what yet. 

 When I don't know what to wear there's a huge chance I throw on this dress. It's so comfortable and easy for summer. Good news- it's only $25! This photo has horrible lighting because it was taken at 6 in the morning on our way to Orlando a few weekends back. 

This gorgeous dress is finally back in stock! 

Romper (only $23!) (similar, love this one)  / Wedges are sold out - Similar Wedge (sale!)/
  Necklace (got mine via Rocksbox) / Bag (I've been styling this a lot lately!)

I'm still loving this romper. I wore this for a night out in Savannah and it kept me cool while dancing all night.
See a full blog post on it here

Rushing off to church but I always have time for an outfit shot ;) My skirt is from Fiore Boutique. 
If I could justify another pink skirt I would be waiting on this one in the mail! This boatneck tee is so comfortable and soft that I justified wearing it in the Savannah heat. 

 I can't wait to use this agenda starting in August. I've always been the girl that get's giddy over new school supplies or anything involving organization. This donut tee is currently on sale.. It's SO soft and comfortable! It definitely runs large.. I wanted a slouchy look but didn't have to order up to achieve that look.

Jeans: Old from Target (love how comfortable these are in comparison... mine feel like cardboard :)
Shoes (saw some similar at Target but they aren't online to link)
Top: H&M (just purchased over the weekend but isn't online)

 Pineapple tray
All jewelry is from Rocksbox (first month free code: strawberrychicxoxo). Since I received this KS necklace in my latest Rocksbox set I haven't taken it off. It goes with EVERYTHING.. I think she's another keeper :)
I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Skincare Routine

My skincare routine is pretty simple compared to some, but I wanted to share with you the products I've been using and loving this year. I like to keep things simple, because I know if I add too many things into the mix they will just expire in my drawers. I have pretty normal skin, although sometimes my nose will get dry if I start slacking on exfoliation/moisturizer. My routine has definitely evolved over the years...At one point it just consisted of makeup wipes if I was lucky.. cringe!

 In the morning I'm rushing out the door to class, so I quickly swipe my face (on the exfoliating side of the pad) with this cleansing toner to neutralize and refresh my skin. I was looking for an alcohol free toner because I hated the chemical smell in most toners and I don't really see how alcohol could be good for the skin. This is the first one I came across and I've loved it so much that I just repurchased it again at Whole Foods. I follow up with this moisturizer and apply either this or this (which sadly just ran out) to moisturize my lips. Every once in a while I get fancy and reach for big sample of this vitamin C serum, which instantly brightens up your skin. It's supposed to help even out skin tone, but I don't use it regularly enough to notice any changes. Next I apply a sunscreen all over my face, then use this eye cream which also contains sunscreen (although I wish it had more SPF). Both of these products are in this kit that I'm currently working through. I plan to post about it once I use a few more products!

For nighttime, I basically do my skincare routine in the shower after my workout. I cleanse with this face wash, which I've been loving because it's somehow creamy and foamy at the same time. I use my clarisonic 2-3 times per week to exfoliate and my skin feels so much smoother afterward. Once I get out I make sure to remove any leftover eye makeup with this remover, which is gentle on the eyes and doesn't burn like others I've tried. I follow up with the same toner and moisturizer.

Sometimes I keep makeup wipes in my gym bag to freshen up my face after a sweaty workout. I've repurchased these wipes again and again, but my favorite kind to use after the gym are ones with a fresh cucumber smell.

And that's my full skincare routine! Have you tried any of these?

Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy last weekend of Spring! It's already heating up here in GA that's for sure. This past week in Savannah was over 100 everyday with the heat index. Let's just say I put all my humidity hair products to the test.. look for an upcoming post on my haircare recommendations! 

Here are the things I've been loving this week:
My most worn / summer must have wedge is now under $50!

I'm loving anything and everything in this print right now 

I finally found the most comfortable pair of white jeans

If you've only had bad experiences with spray sunscreen (sticky, greasy, all of the above) 
then give this one a try! It smells like the beach and absorbs without any mess. 

I received this agenda in the mail this week and I can't wait till August to start using it. 
Until then it makes for nice desk decor. 
Today I'm going to see Jurassic World at the IMAX with Tim and my brother. We'll see how it goes.. I remember the first one terrified me as a kid. Have you seen it?! Afterward Tim and I are having date night and I'm looking forward to it because it's been a few weeks since I've seen him! Tomorrow I'll be last minute shopping for Dad... what are you giving him this year?! HELP! 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mint Condition

There's just something about getting dressed up on Sunday morning for church and brunch. I look forward to it every week! I'm still trying to find a church I love in Atlanta as much as I do down here in Savannah (I go to Community Bible Church if you're looking for one around here!). I've tried at least 5 different churches in North GA, but still nothing has compared to the experience I get at CBC's intimate but growing services. If you have any recommendations for me in North GA please share!

 I've had this skirt in my closet for at least a year before I finally wore it. Don't ask me why because I really don't know... it's my favorite color! Since the skirt is old, I linked similar options above... but I also found an exact one BNWT on Postmark (link!) so if you want it snatch it up! I decided to pair it with matching neutrals from head to toe. These pumps were a steal at forever21 a few months back, but I've linked some other options above. When shopping for a nude heel it's important to not settle until you find the perfect color for your skin tone. 

It's almost the weekend! Have anything fun planned??

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


  Top (last seen here) ~ Skirt ~ Shoes (Elene) ~ Clutch ~ Lipstick (syrup) ~ Bracelet ~ Watch ~ Necklace 

I've delayed posting this look because it deserves a much prettier background. I figured I could just re-shoot it, but I just kept shooting new looks instead.. oops! Blogger lesson learned not to shoot at Phipps Plaza again. I've been wearing this tank on a weekly basis (last seen here). It's the perfect crisp white tank top that goes with everything. It's sad, but you want to know my favorite part about it? It's reversible, so I know if I ever mess up one side with food or makeup I can just reverse it! Wow now that the secret is out... I found this skirt on the sale rack at J. Crew and couldn't get over the price. Luckily they still have a version of it in store, because the drop waist and pleats are so flattering on, it's definitely worth the full price. Tim had to tell me to stop twirling in it... 

Shop the look in the widget below (minus the shoes linked above)!
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Classic Stripes

 Dress: Illa Illa Stripe Dress (from here) / Shoes (on sale) / Bag / Bracelet / Watch / Hat / Lips

Nothing beats a classic stripe and red lip combo, except when it's topped with the perfect bow fedora! This dress is the most comfortable thing I've worn all year, so sorry if you see if over and over this year. I can already picture it in the fall with an olive green vest over it, but lets get through summer first. Finding classic pieces that can be worn year round are the best bang for your buck...you know you'll always reach for it when it feels good on. Shop a similar look in the widget below.
Thanks for reading!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Rocksbox Wishlist

My time as an RbItGirl is over for now, but I decided to keep my subscription because I have been really enjoying receiving designer pieces in my mailbox, who wouldn't...?! I'm contemplating how long I want to keep it because they're currently running a summer promotion during June to get a discounted monthly price (the longer you keep it the cheaper it gets...as low as $5 per month!). More about that here if you're interested. 

I thought it would be fun to share my current wishlist. In a way it will show you jewelry trends I'm loving and also showcase what I think is the best of the best on Rocksbox! My taste in jewelry is simple, but I also love pieces for pops of color. Right now I am all about turquoise because of an upcoming trip to Arizona (and because it's always a summer favorite). Also it's not surprise that most of the pieces on there are from Kendra Scott and Loren Hope. Even though they're my favorites, another great aspect of Rocksbox is you can find new designers to try out. For example I've tried anything from SLATE, and you can see one of their gorgeous necklaces here on my wishlist. 
rocksbox, wishlist, rocksbox code, rocksbox review, free jewelry
Now for the fun part. Use code strawberrychicxoxo at checkout to receive your first box free. You can cancel anytime and use each box as long as you wish. FYI it takes just under a week to receive a new box, so you can try it a few times to get a good feel for it. Also, be sure to add feedback online vs. filling out the form in the box because you'll receive your next box quicker.

What's on your wishlist? You can add to yours by either going on the website or using #wishlist on their instagram!

UPDATE: Ironically shortly after posting this my RBItgirl status was reinstated, so I updated the code to reflect that!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Life is Sweet, Like a Donut

DIY Donut Purse

Happy National Doughnut Day! Did you know this is always the first Friday in June?
 It was created by The Salvation Army to honor those who served doughnuts to soldiers during WW1. 
Here are some fun doughnut themed things I came across this week:

~ This bathing suit ($34)
~ Coin purse ($5!)
~ "Donut Disturb" Pajamas ($15)
~ Still loving this DIY hat & sunnies
~ A donut handbag, in case you'd rather just buy it
~ Donut Key Holder ($6)
~ Pool float (in my shopping cart)
~ Donut prints by my adorable friend Jenna! 

Now go get your free doughnut and call it the weekend!