Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Favorites

I've been applying this lip balm every night, and my lips have never been happier. It might just be the consistent routine, or it might be the product; however I'm just happy my lips are actually healthy looking on a regular basis! This NARS lipstick in the shade Cruising was such a good find from Sephora, a perfect shade of nude for my skin tone, as well as an awesome consistency to keep the lips moisturized.
I think everyone has tried Jergens Natural Glow at some point in their life, am I right? I definitely have an on and off relationship with it; however lately I've been loving it to keep up my self tan in between applications. I'm currently using (and have been for months) the St. Tropez tanner. I picked up a big bottle from Amazon and it's lasted me forever. As for this Bronze Goddess perfume….. ya'll seriously need to check it out! It comes out every year in March, and is limited edition. I was going back and forth between this and the Bobbi Brown Beach, but I went with the Estee Lauder because it has more than just a sun tan smell. I'm in love.

This Sally Hansen color in Barracuda has been my favorite color for my toes. It's bright and gives my oh so pale feet some life somehow…and I also love the formula. These heart sunnies of course had to make the list for faves this month, and I'm sure they'll have a home on the list all summer.

In honor of finishing up my first year of PT school, I decided to finally purchase clip in hair extensions after finding a color I thought would match. I will talk more about this purchase in a future post. 

I'm at the very end of this Aveda Damage Remedy (I'm that person who doesn't want to use up the last bit of a product I love, even though I can always buy another… is this just me???). Anyway, Tim took matters into his own hands and bought me the HUGE bottle to insure I won't be running out anytime soon (thanks to his Lifetime Fitness discount I got it for 40% off). 

Leave me a comment letting me know some of your May Faves!
Happy weekend,

Monday, May 26, 2014


Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope you're lounging by the pool and grilling out with friends and family while I'm working at the hospital ;) Of course this holiday wouldn't be here without the men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedom! 

Saturday I spend the day at a friends pool. I wore this comfy maxi skirt from J.Crew Factory (link), a tank from Victoria Secret, necklace from Fabrik, and of course my outfit wouldn't be complete without these heart sunnies. 

That evening I went out to dinner with Tim, where I was able to snap just a few photos of my outfit. Dress & scarf : Francescas (both purchased a few years back, but I have seen this scarf everywhere lately)  //  Wedges: Michael Kors (soooo comfortable to walk in!)

Tim wanted to showcase his blogger skills- he was in the Memorial Day spirit with R/W/B as well! 

Tory Burch sent out a 50$ gift card that expires soon and I definitely wasn't going to pass that up, so I picked up this mini wallet in this gorgeous gold saffiano leather (a picture really doesn't do it justice). It was already marked down, so with 50 more bucks chopped off it was meant to come home with me! Tim might have paid the difference (thanks babes). 

How did you spend your holiday weekend? I'd love to hear about it!


Friday, May 23, 2014

All White Everything

This weekend marks when we're officially allowed to wear white- is that still really a thing these days? I thought I would share my favorite looks incorporating white I found on Pinterest. Definitely check out how Hannah from Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget styled it, as her look in the top right is my favorite because I would be more comfortable with the jacket to contrast the outfit.  Anyway, there are so many ways to wear all white, including a jumpsuit, white jeans, a top and skirt combo, or shorts! Try it out and see how you prefer to style it! 

Nordstrom is having their half yearly sale, which NEVER disappoints. There are so many things on my wish list that are finally on sale. I was overwhelmed with all the pages to scroll through (see widget below) but click here to shop their website. I'll be stopping in there this weekend to see what I find. Also, ASOS is having 20% off everything with the code WEBEGRILLIN (what a fun code, huh?)

Happy Memorial Weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How to become a gym regular

Wew, fitting in workouts has been rough this week because it's my first week in the clinic. It has definitely been an adjustment being on my feet all day instead of sitting in the classroom for lectures. My feet and knees are exhausted by the end of the day, but I'm loving actually being with real patients! Anyways, I believe it's almost always possible to fit in a workout, no matter how busy you are. It took me until finals this past semester to realize that setting aside 1.5 hours to workout actually did me more good than telling myself I couldn't "waste the time" away from studying - I felt noticeably more focused & productive when I did sit down to only took a year.

With that being said, here are my tips to get my butt to the gym! Hopefully, it can help you if you're struggling with it right now (oh like me right now).

gym, schedule,
1. Look at where you spend your time each day, and see where you can cut things out to make time for a workout (cough Facebook cough). To help you see how much time is being used where, write down your typical day as you go along with how much time you spend on them (although I'm scared to know how much of my time is on social media).

2. I like to outline the next day in my head before I go to bed, that way at the end of the day I'm not just realizing that there's something else I have to do (like grocery shop) instead of working out. Also, it helps when your workout is physically put in your schedule because you know you have time for it! Another helpful tip when scheduling is to also get everything prepared for the next day. There are more times than I'd like to admit that forgetting a hair tie prevented me from working out that day --- don't let it happen to you by keeping an extra set of gym essentials in your car!

3. You've heard it before, but having someone to train you or train with does make you accountable. Not going to lie it helps that my boyfriend works at the gym I go to.

4. Once you start & get your priorities//schedule in place, it gets easier to WANT to go- yes you will actually look forward to it (I promise). In order to actually have lasting results, this is a must.

5. With that being said, it's still important to be able to change your schedule how you see fit.  I normally try to stick with a strict routine to keep me accountable (meaning I always do legs on Monday and long cardio days on Wednesdays… etc). However, I am learning that might not be the best option now that I'm working a real job (which is actually a common thing for people...who knew). For example, on Monday I usually always workout legs, however I was so tired from standing on them all day that I decided to do something else instead and move legs to my off day. Work with what you're working with. 

6. If you're really crunched for time, get your HIIT on. This is the quickest way to get in and out of the gym. This is actually my favorite type of workout because it's over faster :) I've posted lots of these types of workouts, so check them out by clicking here if you need some ideas. Please note however that quality > quantity!

7. Results are your biggest motivator, so keep up with them! Take before and after pictures // make goals to keep working towards something! Now don't make all your goals centered on weight. I prefer to track inches instead and to make more functional goals- do x amount of push-ups, do a pull-up (current goal is 2.. I'm moving up in the world), see definition in this body part, etc. I found that when I centered my goals on weight, I would lose motivation because the scale would go down (like a pound) then go right back up --- so many factors play into weight...such as water retention, muscle growth, inflammation, etc.

What are your tips? Please share! 
&& Thanks for reading,

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kate Spade Secret Sale

As the title states, Kate Spade is having a "secret" sale. They always call these sales secret and I'm like obvious its not a secret if I know about it, but I'm not gonna argue with these prices! Above is a sample for what you can find on there. I couldn't include all my favorites, but I;m sure these's something for you on there at a great price! Check it out here while you can, it ends in 2 days.. then I'm sure the sale will go "public" 


Friday, May 16, 2014

Life in Snaps

 When the semester finally ended, my classmates and I spent most of our days at the pool. I went on a major Jimmy Johns kick, and I definitely recommend trying out their lettuce wraps for a healthier option (I get the beach club with added bacon, no mayo). Anyways, my fedora is old from forever21, however I have still seen some in stores. Bathing suit is from Victoria Secret PINK..I've been loving these flouncy tops or whatever they are called.
Throwback to sitting at my desk studying for finals ^^ Love these pens and pencils from target and the little polka dot tray is from there as well. Actually, the chevron iPad stylus and the polka dot sticky notepad is from there too...

The next three pictures represent the wonderful packing I had to endure for the entire summer. How is a blogger supposed to pack for that long?! Packing is not my favorite.. Thankfully I picked up a  hanging rack for my car from where else…. Target. 

 Top: Francescas  //  Jeggings: A&F // Sandals: Tory Burch // Heart necklace: Old from COACH

 Shopping at Dress Up. Definitely picked up that maxi and hidden blue top that will be featured soon. Maxi: Target (maybe I should just call this post Target) // Scarf: Francescas // iPhone case: Kate Spade (I love their Hybrid cases, they're much better than their old hard cases and have saved my phone from some haaaaard falls lately. Can't say the polka dots have made it through them though) 

This is from yesterday when I took a break from trying to find some hospital scrubs that were the color I needed and in a size that would fit me, which has actually been pretty challenging.. Anyways I picked up these heart sunnies (LINK!) from Nordstom BP, and they will look perfect at the pool! I also love this fedora, because it is a lot comfier on my head than the ones I currently own… might be going back for it soon :)

Happy Friday and thank you for reading!