Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fishtail Braid Tutorial for Beginners

fishtail-braid, how-to-fishtail-braid, easy-fishtail-braid-tutorial
Here is a simple step-by-step tutorial on how to do a messy fishtail braid on yourself. I used to save braids for the beach, but lately I've had a lot of fun experimenting with different braids to mix up my typical soft curled hairstyle. 

You will need:
a few bobby pins

hair extensions (I'm wearing these c/o)

 I like to twist my "bangs" and pin them back to keep them in place during the day. I just twist a small section and pin it with a bobby pin.

 I don't typically do this step anymore, but I think if you're just starting out this step makes it easier to start the fishtail braid. Use an extra clear elastic at the top to help keep your hair together as you learn the braid. You will cut this at the end when the fishtail braid is complete. Then separate your hair into two equal sections. 

 Grab a thin piece of hair from the outside of section one, then cross it over to section two. I prefer to use smaller sections even though it will take a little bit more time. It adds more dimension and texture to the braid. 

Repeat that step by grabbing an outside piece from section two and cross it over to section one. I like to tighten the braid between each section as I go. 

You'll repeat this crossing technique until you're happy with the length of the braid. Secure the end with a clear elastic hair tie. 
Pull and separate the length of the braid until your desired messiness is achieved. Then tighten the end of the brain by dividing it into two sections and pulling them apart. This will make the ends look a little thicker. 

Carefully cut the top clear elastic, then finish with hairspray

If you have layered hair, you will need to use bobby pins to tuck in little fly aways into the braid (see how in the video below). Curls the ends of your hair if desired, but be careful to avoid touching the elastic band. I've learned from experience theses will easily break if they touch the hot tool! I also like to curl a piece in the front on the side opposite of the braid to add some balance to the look. 

I also filmed a video if you want to watch the step by step process below. If you're looking for my ruffled top, it's currently sold out. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a re-stock and if you come across one in stock definitely size up!

I'd love to see how your fishtail braid turned out! Tag me on Instagram with your finished braids (@strawberrychicxo)

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xo Amanda John 

Monday, August 28, 2017


full coverage makeup, photography makeup, makeup routine, strawberry chic
photography_makeup_routine, strawberry chic, full coverage makeup,
photography_makeup_routine, strawberry chic, full coverage makeup, 
photography_makeup_routine, strawberry chic, full coverage makeup,

I finally sat down and filmed my full coverage makeup routine. This is my go-to routine when getting ready for blog photos, filming, or a special occasion. It takes me about 20-30 minutes give or take. Most of the products mentioned have been in my routine for Y E A R S. I definitely stick to what I like once I find a good product. 

The one thing I typically mix up in this routine is the foundation, blush color, and lip products. I do think this foundation has good coverage, but it will oxidize a little orangy on me by the end of the day. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect full coverage foundation that isn't too matte, drying, and/or cakey... if you have a good recommendation for me I'd love to hear!

I've had more and more request to add more video content to my blog so I would love to hear your thoughts on what you've seen so far. I'm definitely still learning the shooting (lighting, sound, talking... lol) and editing process, along with trying to build up the confidence it takes to film yourself. I struggle with even posting to snapchat/instagram stories... so this is definitely out of my 
C O M F O R T zone. 

Thanks for stopping by!
xo Amanda John 

Monday, July 31, 2017


Hey Friends! I've been a little MIA this summer so I wanted to catch you up to where I've been... we bought a house! If you'd be interested in reading about our experience buying our first house, I'll be happy to share. Lets just say it's stressful and a world of unknowns. But for today I wanted to share this video I shot the first day we went to the house :)

I hope to venture into house updates and decor on the blog as we go. We're starting from scratch because I didn't want to buy anything in our rental in case it wouldn't work for our future home. Currently, our bed is still on the floor, the only thing in our living room is a couch and tv, and the running count for trips to Home Depot is 9 😂

Our house is turn key, but I do have some plans as far as updates I'd like to make to make it our own, maybe I'll cross them off and update them here as I go! 

Tiling the master shower and updating the vanity with paint, hardware, and new mirror
Paint Tims video game room (the green room)
Paint the navy accent wall to brighten it up for my video / blog room
Shiplap or paint the powder room, add storage
Plant things outside that make me happy (and I won't kill)
New carpet upstairs
Add some interest to the kitchen island (such as x's on the side)
New hardwood floors + add hardwoods on stairs 
Update the shelving unit in the pantry 

Thanks for reading / watching!

xo Amanda John