Sunday, February 19, 2017

Nordstrom Winter Sale

Throughout the weekend I've been scrolling through the Nordstrom Winter Sale and y'all, it's enormous. Like 300+ pages to scroll through enormous. So you can enjoy the rest of you weekend, I thought I would hop on here for an unusual Sunday post to share my picks from the sale.




What's your favorite item / What did you purchase from the sale?
xo Amanda John 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bow Details

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How was everyone's Valentine's Day? Tim and I actually went to my parents for an unplanned spaghetti night and there's no other way I'd rather spend our first married holiday together! Tim wrote me the sweetest love letter and it meant so much more than a store-bought card. My favorite line talked about how he hoped I didn't feel special just one day of the year - and he truly makes an effort to do that every single day. 💕 

We haven't really gone all out for Valentines Day because after Christmas is my birthday and our dating anniversary, so we always just take a breather on the celebrations. I remember on our first Valentines Day 4 years ago Tim sent me flowers and they never showed up! We had just started dating two weeks prior, so I remember it being slightly awkward because neither of us had any expectations. 

I adore this top from Banana Republic because it's really stretchy and I love a feminine sleeve detail. I also linked a similar top in the widget that I purchased because I just love the detail so much! Both are pretty, but if you just want one or the other I would recommend the pink one because it's a little longer and the material is a bit softer.  

I twisted my hair back into this big bow which can be used in your hair or pinned into your skirt, which I'm planning to do soon! I wanted to tie in the black and white together so I paired it with these Kate Spade Peggy heels that also have a bow detail. I found these at Nordstrom Rack last year, so I'm linking other shoes that I would wear with the look if I had them (aka on my wishlist!).

Thanks for reading!
xo Amanda John 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Office Tour

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Today I'm very excited to finally share my office space with you! Since Tim and I found this little townhome to rent I've been dreaming up this post for y'all. It's a three bedroom, so we each have our own little space in it. His space is of course for gaming, and mine is where I get to spend my time blogging. The very first weekend I was in the home I went to Ikea for office furniture. I mean we didn't even have a mattress yet #priorities

When you first walk into the room, I have a clothing rack to keep new purchases and organize outfits to style so they don't get lost in my closet. I didn't need a fancy clothing rack, so I opted for this cheap one from Ikea ($12). Just like my closet, the pieces are organized by color to be appealing to the eye. 
When I'm prepping for shoots, I like to put complete outfits together and hang all the accessories going with them so I don't leave anything out. Of course, even if you're not a blogger you can benefit from a clothing rack. Use your's for extra storage and inspiration to avoid wearing the same outfit over and over. It also helps me get ready faster because I can easily find all my favorite pieces. 
I still have a little holiday sparkle on my clothing rack, because the pieces are too pretty to be hidden in my dark closet! You can see I'm ready to transition into spring with lighter whites and pinks. I'm loving tops with feminine details on the sleeve including ruffles, peplums, and cut outs.  I've linked as many tops as I could at the end of the post!
I purchased the wood hangers from Ikea while I was there because I couldn't beat the $4.99 price tag. The total to put together my clothing rack was only $21 plus tax, so you don't have to spend a lot to put something together! 
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You may recognize the white and blush boxes from my holiday photo shoot. They're from the Paper Source + Target holiday collection and I purchased them for storage. Inside, I have winter hats and gloves, along with just random junk that doesn't have a home. To the right, I have my wedding planner, and to the left, I have my wedding reception shoes along with my reception dress and robe. Read about my wedding accessories here, plus there's a video about them!
This is the mirror where I take quick selfies of my outfit, though I haven't been doing that recently because I prefer to have my Instagram husband take them for me ;) The lighting is usually not optimal in this room when I would need to take those pictures (in the morning before work). If you're wondering where the frame is from, it's custom from my family's art gallery. The white rug is a HomeGoods find and I always seem them in there! A little tip - compare a few side by side to get the whitest one. 
I've had this desk all throughout PT school, so it's been through some studying for sure. It's actually larger than it looks in this photo, but I enjoy never running out of desk space. My makeup was previously stored in the left drawers, but I decided I needed the extra space for storage. I found this GLAMbox look-a-like from HomeGoods but I'm still feeling out whether I like the cluttery look of it. Though it does help me see and use different products more frequently! 
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I recently purchased this desk calendar to help plan out my posts, but mostly to prevent all my makeup from staining my white desk. It was getting old using a magic eraser every weekend! The vase with our wedding date was a gift from my MOH. It's sad how happy seeing all those perfectly even numbers make me, haha! Am I the only one who had to get married on an even date? Just me??

Also random story- I've been looking for the SanDisk reader in this picture all weekend... grr! My new Macbook doesn't come with any ports (cool, Apple), so I can't upload a new video until I find it. My zebra trinket dish is currently not available online from Francesca's,but I linked the original designer below. 
I always use cute coffee mugs for storage and I'm not really sure why, but it works. I also have my makeup brushes in one. I may do a future post on my makeup collection + storage. Let me know if you'd like to see it! Washi tape is great to always have on hand. I purchased mine from Target and Hobby Lobby, and use it when planning all the time. I also used it in my wedding planner to stick on inspiration and I could switch it out as needed.
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This is my little jewelry storage that used to be my Moms. She painted it for me while we were on our honeymoon and I'm obsessed with how it turned out! I've already shot pictures and film for a collection post, so stay tuned :) And yes, that's my wedding dress just hanging on the door still. I need to figure out what to do with it...
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Another Ikea purchase that I'm sure you've seen sprayed gold in other office tours. I went the lazy route and decided it was fine white, but I did want to cover the wood base with cheap marble contact paper, which was super easy to do. I had to make two Ikea trips for this bad boy because the first box had a huge dent in the unit, but that's what you get with Ikea. This is definitely the space that changes most in my office because I'm always re-organizing it. 

At the top, I store my framed DPT diploma with my most used clutch. On the right top shelf, I have a tray of smaller perfumes and samples, my vows, some fake florals from Hobby Lobby, and a printed Pinterest quote (shameless plug in - follow me on Pinterest here).

On the second shelf, I have a few wedding items on display including my shoes, the cards from our guests in the clear gold case, and a framed invitation in this pretty frame. 

The second to last shelf is where I've stored a few nail polishes in a cute gold scallop container and my sunglasses inside an acrylic tray I won at Swoozies during a raffle. 

Along the bottom shelf I store clutches and two of the bags I use more frequently. I found the clutch organizer in the office section at HomeGoods, and it was one of those things I've been on the hunt for a while! 
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That wraps up today's office tour! I filmed a short video of my office tour and picked out my favorite pieces on my clothing rack. Check out the video on my new Youtube Channel, here!

I will try to link everything I can here, but not everything is still available. If you have a question about a particular piece, let me know in the comments! 




xo Amanda John